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Zaitoon Oil 500 ml


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Why Buy Asshifa Zaitoon Oil

Zaitoon oil or Jaaitun Oil means olive oil. Olive oil comes with lots of health and beauty benefits. When you buy zaitoon oil of Asshifa, you can be sure about the product quality. This oil is made of olive and 100% pure than any other body oil. It is Assifa’s olive oil that can be used for adults as well as for babies. You can add olive oil to your beauty routine to make your skin soft and supple. It also takes care of your nails and hair.


Do you want to buy zaitoon oil online? Know the composition of Asshifa’s product and buy it. This olive oil is prepared with mixed triglyceride esters of palmitic acid and oleic acid. There are also other types of fatty acids. Other than that, the main ingredients of this oil are, traces of squalene (0.7%) and sterols (0.2% phytosterol and tocosterols).


Now, you need to know the benefits of zaitoon oil before buying-

  • It lowers your cholesterol level.
  • It is effective to fight your diabetes.
  • The oil reduces your high blood pressure.
  • Saves you from breast cancer.
  • It contains strong antioxidants.
  • Takes care of your bones.

These are certain benefits of zaitoon oil. Know zaitoon oil price and buy it now.

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