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Honey 150 gm


Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees using nectar from flowers.

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Asshifa’s Honey- Best of Its Type

There are certain superfoods which takes good care of your health and also heals lots of problems, like milk and eggs, honey is one of such healthy foods that should be consumed regularly. If you have a teaspoon full of honey with a glass of warm water regularly, it not only keep your bowel movement smoother but also removes harmful toxins from your body. Asshifa’s honey is the best honey that is made of flower nectars by bees. If you buy honey, you should make sure whether it is pure honey or not. Asshifa’s honey comprises 82% real honey and the rest of the part are sucrose, maltose, fructose, turanose, isomaltose, maltulose, and kojibiose.

Benefits of Asshifa Honey

If you want to buy honey online, you can rely on the new shopping site Asshifa as they sell medicinal honey. The essential benefits of Asshifa’s natural honey are-

  • It is beneficial to take good care of your heart.
  • This honey is also effective in preventing cancer.
  • If you are suffering from a throat infection and cough and cold, have this honey.
  • It is useful to heal burns and wounds.
  • It takes care of your skin.

With these benefits, Asshifa’s honey is really awesome. Compare honey price before buying and enjoy a great deal at Asshifa.

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