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Epsom (Magnesium Sulphate Salt) 20 Grams


Different type of Muscle Pain, Ligament Pain, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Heel Pain, Cramping Pain etc.

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Why Buy Epsom Salt from Asshifa?

Online shopping has reached the new destination with India’s New Online Shopping Site, Asshifa. The varied collection of products have won over the buyers and they have launched lots of products nowadays. Epsom salt is a product that is available at the market and serves lots of health benefits. But, if you want best Epsom salt, you have to buy it from Asshifa. Basically, Epsom salt magnesium sulphate is the mineral compound which has lots of health and beauty benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Asshifa Epsom Salt?

Once you decide to buy Epsom salt online, Asshifa will give you a favourable deal on the product. Buying cheap Epsom salt won’t be a problem anymore. This is also known as magnesium sulphate salt and comes with lots of benefits. Here are some of those-

  • If you are suffering from body aches, like muscle pain, low back pain, ligament pain, cramping pain, neck pain, etc. Epsom salt magnesium can heal you faster. You can mix it with olive oil at 1:1 portion and apply only to the affected area twice daily.
  • Is there the threat of Gallbladder Stone? Epsom salt helps you there.
  • Constipation is a serious problem for many of you. Epsom salt can solve it.

Know the Epsom salt price at Asshifa and place your order now.

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